Many people aren't sure how susceptible they really are to UV rays and the skin cancer that can result from overexposure. Take the below quiz to get a better idea about what your personal susceptibility to UV rays is. Be sure to talk to your health care professional about any skin cancer concerns, and remember that even if you have a lower than average susceptibility you can still be harmed by UV rays!

1) Describe your skin type:

How do I know what my skin type is?

Medium (IV-VI)
Light skin (I-III)

2) Which most closely describes the prevalence of skin cancer within your personal family history?

Click here to find the difference between non-melanoma and melanoma skin cancers.

No family history
Non-melanoma skin cancers only
Both non-melanoma and melanoma skin cancers

3) What type of surface will you be spending most of your time on?

Learn more about the reflecting properties of various surfaces


4) What time of day do you plan to be outside?

Dawn/dusk (sunrise - 10AM/4PM - sunset)
Midday (10:01AM - 3:59PM)
All day

5) What is your current elevation?

Click here to locate your elevation on a map.

Sea level to 5,000 feet
5,001 to 10,000 feet
10,000+ feet

6) What is the current amount of cloud coverage?

Partly cloudy

7) What kind of activity do you plan on doing today?

Swimming/Water sports

8) How often do you indoor tan?

Rarely (1-3 times per year)
Regularly (1-3 times per month)

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